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We won't take in any more bikes!

We are currently not in a position to accept any more repairs. Sorry!

More than 10 years' experience of repairs!

We have a big fleet of bikes for our bike tours that we maintain ourselves since 2011.`Starting this year, we offer our services to the public!

We accept the "Coup de Pouce Vélo" government bike repairs subsidy!

We will overhaul and repair your bike after confinement is over and we accept payment in the form of the government Coup de Pouce Vélo subsidy for up to 50€ of the price excluding VAT. You’ll find all the details of the programme here.

Réparation vélo à Nice, France

Free estimate

We will diagnose your bike and give you a quote for the work and for the spares.

Organisation & Contact

We respect all health & safety advice to avoid spreading COVID-19. Call us on +33 – 9 86 65 75 17 or send us an email on so we can organise your repairs as well as possible.

Our packs

All our prices include VAT (20%) and only include labour. The price for all spare parts are added to the final cost.

Conventional bike overhaul

We check several items on the bike, tighten bolts and check the riding position, the steering, the wheels, the brakes and the transmission.


Changing of a tyre and/or inner tube

Puncture repair.


Brake replacement (non-hydraulic)

We recommend buying this pack when several pieces need to be changed: cable & sheath, pads, calipers…


Transmission pack

Complete overhaul of the transmission including the changing of several spares: front/rear mech, sprockets, chain, levers, cranks… 



WorkPrice incl VAT, ex spares)
Conventional bike overhaul35€
eBike diagnostic40€
Change a tyre and/or an inner tube7€
Transmission replacement pack50€
Brakes replacement pack55€
Rear and/or front mech/derailleur adjustment9€
Change rear or front mech/derailleur or jockey wheels20€
Hydraulic brakes bleeding30€
Change a chain15€
Change pedals9€
Change gear shifter22€
Change brake levers19€
Headset adjustment12€
Change a gear or brake cable and sheath10€
Brake adjustment15€
True a wheel20€
Change a spoke20€
Change one pair of brake pads10€
Change seat or seat post9€
Change a wheel20€